eWallet - Password Manager App Reviews

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Cant survive without it

I use synchronized wallets on Blackberry, iPhone, PC and Mac. Excellent!

Would be lost without it

I have been using multiple versions of eWallet on multiple platforms over many years. This is by far the #1 solution for safe-keeping of passwords, access codes, PINs and other confidential data. Always works, simple operation, flawless synchronization (even with iPhone and other Apple products which are typically terrible in this respect) and easy retrieval of desired info. Icing on the cake: Helpful, friendly and competent staff at Ilium support.


Great and essential !

Great Daily App !

Holding all those access codes in such secure companion daily app is a great help and very useful. Thanks for making life easier and safe.

Does the job very well !!

I have been using eWallet for several years now. I am very happy with it. It does the job perfectly. I especially appreciate that I can sync my iPhones, iPads, iMac, and PC without any problem. I manage several hundreds of passwords and other info like ID, insurance, software licenses, credit Cards, bank accounts, etc. I do means 100s!! I never use the same password twice thanks to this app! Also I got my iPad stolen once and lost a phone too. Thanks to this app I never worried about the security. I even avoided a fine by the police thanks to eWallet. I did not have my driving license with me, but I had all the details in my iPhone. I got a warning but not a fine! Cool! It paid for the app that day. I have to say that I never tried the competition. I cannot compare. But I dont feel the need either.


Very good and practical over the last 2 years

Super great application

I have had it on my phones and computers since 2006. It works really great, is easy to use and very flexible. Great concept straight forward very useful and works like a charm

Best app for codes!

Easy, simple, secure, sync possibility and getting better and better.


Excellent app to keep all passwords and to sync it with the desktop version.

Simple, brilliant and straight to the point

Easy to use, easy to maintain, Sync on iCloud works well. Just waiting the sync on iCloud on the Mac version and it will be perfect

Very good

Super app. Since ID by finger press is possible. I am very satisfied.

Extra Update

I was waiting for the Touch ID - and since nothing was coming I was about to switch to 1Password. Here it comes ! Great update. Please do an update for theMac OS now !

Really great

TouchID is a great improvement. It makes this app VERY great. Big "Thank you" to the developers !!


Excellent Application. I find very useful and in fact a life saver to manage the passwords. Thank You Joe

have used this app for several years now

have used it for several years, it has never failed me. It is convenient, the lay out is clear, syncs are easy, no need for the cloud. Overall one of the best app on my iPads and iPhones

Best thing ever!

Good app!

Nice APP

Its Very nice! Youre gonna spend some time in the beggining, but after it, thats ok!!!

Great app!!

I use it since I had a Palm, passing through Windows CE and know iPhone. Its very useful and helps me organize my data! Worth every cent.

Nice but too complicated

This App does a lot more than I expected it to do and more than I think that Im gonna use. The excess of tools and ways to configure it makes the app a little bit complicated for those like me that the initial intention was only to save important information n a simple format.

Very good! Syncronizes all my devices.


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