eWallet - Password Manager Secure Storage Database App Reviews

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Better than ever!

I have used it since a Windows mobile phone years ago. Now with Cloud sync thru Dropbox, I dont even have to manually sync my iPhone. Great app. Couldnt function without it. Running on 2 PCs, an iPhone, and an iPad.

Good Enough For Me

It stores my passwords easily and safely and I can access them across devices. I only ever really HAVE to remember one password ever.

Excellent app! Just what I needed

Get this app, its easy and simple to use to!

No longer syncs

Have been using E-Wallet for years. Now no longer syncs after upgrading to iPhone 7. Initially received a quick response from vendor, but after I let them know that their initial suggestions didnt help, --nothing. Complete radio silence on their part. Would love to see this get corrected, or at least receive an acknowledgment that they are researching the problem.

Great to have

I en young a reliable sync


I have about 100 passwords that I simply cant remember. This is a fast, secure, and painless way to save them. I have their desktop software for my PC as a backup. I sync my phone with my PC often and its ready to go. Great app!

The Best!

Ive used eWallet since my days of having a Compaq handheld. That was a long time ago. So long ago I cant remember when I started using it. Im guessing around 2002. Dependable. Safe. Secure. Syncs easily to the cloud. I use the desktop version on my PC and my wife and I share our passwords, account information, software serial numbers, website logon and more info using eWallet.


Mac, pad, and phone all synced to cloud, easily, works perfect

A MUST have if you have lots of passwords

I work in IT so have passwords coming out of my ears. Then there are personal accounts compounding that. I just cant keep up with them all, and try to keep them unique without this. The app has performed perfectly over the last couple of years. And across multiple devices, too. Great app!

Use It For Everything

Ive been using this app for years. I cant believe how many cards Ive created over the years. The only reason I removed a star is because you cant remove a field that youve added.

Awesome app

Been using this for 4 years. Now that it is synced with cloud, I cant imagine a better way to manage your accounts.

To convenient

Now you talk about somebody that is the most likely person to forget passwords, pins, and passcodes that used to be me that is until I was turned on to ewallet by my coworker now it took a minute to set up everything but once I finished it makes paying bills , banking and shopping online effortless thank you so much for this great program . It is definitely worth the money.


I have been using this app for years. I keep all of my passwords and important information in it. It easily synchronizes with all of my computers and Apple devices. I consider it quite safe. I do not know what I would do without it.

Great app

I use this app for so many years and save me a lot of trouble, managing all my personal info. It is great and I recommend.

Awesome App!

I love this app! It does everything that I wanted it to do and more! Very simple to navigate and totally intuitive!

Excellent program

Ive been using it for many years on a Windows based PC and iPhone. I just switched to an iMac and it works extremely well. Love this program. I believe my 1st copy of this program was on a 3.5" floppy... LOL

My electronic life would blow up....

...if not for EWallet! I havent even taken the time to count how many passwords I have. EWallet has me spoiled! Ive had the app for close to 10 years now and it has never failed or behaved glitchy. Each time I upgrade my phone, I become less anxious when I see that EWallet transferred over without a problem--and it always does! EWallet is my favorite--and the most important--app Ive got!

Flawless for years!

Ive used this app for years. Maybe close to 5. It has always worked perfectly for me. The syncing issues are now gone for shared devices and its been an absolute necessity for my many accounts. Instead of either using the same passwords, or worrying that Ill forget one, I can easily use unique passwords on any account because I know I will always have it on my phone. And if I lose it on my phone, it is backed up on my computer and I pad. If I ever lost my real wallet, all my cards and Ids including my library card are in eWallet with contact info. Professional licenses and passports too. Ever want to try an online service and had to sign up for a month? Plug in a completely random password generated by eWallet and dont fear that if they get hacked the password may be used on another account of yours. Yahoo was hacked 2 years ago and they just found out. If your yahoo password was used on other accounts like credit cards, you were vulnerable. With eWallet, use a unique password for every account and change them as often as you like. Solid app, upgrades are meaningful, fast and easy to use. I use it ALL THE TIME!

Reliable, Safe, Convenient

I use the eWallet generated passwords to enhance security. Since eWallet is so easy to use, I never bother to remember them, it just works.


This has got to be one of the best and easiest password managers to use. Very user friendly and easy to sync with all my devises. Its built in browser is a definite plus.

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